The Apprentice contacts Outsorcery for urgent packaging mock-ups

After another frantic week at Outsorcery it was late one Friday night and we received a call from ‘Boundless Productions’ regarding some urgent packaging mock ups. Little did we know that we’d be surrounded by the vibrant and bouncy nature of a production studio and cast for the 14th series of the Apprentice!

Our brief was to advise on the style of pack and assist in the design of their packaging for the all important final pitch to Sir Alan Sugar at London’ City Hall.

Our first hurdle was to establish the type of carton they wished to go with. Some quick market analysis to see the styles of packs competitors used which helped narrow it down to the following 3 options.

The screw on cap version was preferred due to the fact that it could be resealed and drunk overtime rather than all at once.

Once the cutter guide was finalised we were given 2 hours with the team to finalise the layout.

Approved on the spot and then all systems go to produce 20 finished mock ups and get them delivered by 8:00 to the contestants house ready for the big unveil!

There was no time to produce a physical cutter so with scalpel at the ready, cuts and folds were done by hand… One of the team was sourced in trawling the local stores to locate 20 cartons with the same screw tops so we could dismantle and use on our finished mock ups…

With less than 8 hours to complete all 20 we knew it would go to the wire, but pressure is something we thrive off and the idea of not completing the task within the timeframe was just never an option.

They looked great !

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